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The Muharibs
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 Sheba Muharib

University of Toledo. Founding owner of Aable Bail Bonds and Aable Starting Point, “Houston’s Premier Bunkhouse.” Owner of Aable Financial Group, a provider of low-income housing in Cleveland, Ohio. Muharib is a hard-working nurturer, driven by a desire to help others succeed. 

“I keep my standards high and always conduct myself like a lady,” she says, reflecting on her regal name. Now a seasoned entrepreneur, Muharib has developed a taste for the challenge and excitement of start-up business. She spent many years routing 1-800 calls in the telecommunications industry; as office manager in a law firm; then as partial owner and operations manager of a Houston ambulance company, responsible for 12 ambulances and 35 employees. Despite the demands of operating a 24-hour service, Muharib leaped at the chance to acquire a bail bond business when a friend was arrested. She received her bond license in 2011. Aable Bail Bonds now boasts three locations.

The idea for a bunkhouse was planted by Muharib’s pastor in a Sunday morning sermon in 2014. It was a curious message, but gathered momentum the next day when a middle-aged homeless man appeared, talking about the same thing. Troy had slept in the back of her ambulances and inadvertently provided free security to the business. Now, this fellow talked about the need for an affordable place where men like him could live while getting back on their feet. Muharib’s vision and path were confirmed. Aable Starting Point boasts 5,000 square feet and accommodates up to 65 men with semi-private rooms, barracks-style sleeping, showers, laundry, a kitchen and dayroom in the heart of downtown Houston. A similar women’s facility was unsuccessful, but may be revamped in the future. 

Muharib knows what it feels like being on the outside looking in. She and her siblings were the only Muslims at their school in Cleveland. She wanted friends badly, but was often excluded. Today, she channels her energies into her church, where she is active building an Adulthood Studies mentoring program for youth. The second child, Muharib lives near and works closely with her brothers each day. 

“We’ve always overcome obstacles together. We are a three-piece puzzle,” she says. “Any piece of information I’m lacking, they are able to provide it.”

Muharib, 50, is mom to Mustafa, 30, and Jahari, 15. She is divorced. “As a little girl, I only ever wanted to be a mother,” she says. And for fun? “The best place for me to be of service is church.”

 Anthony S. Muharib, Esquire

J.D., Texas Southern University; B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Toledo. Owner of and lead attorney at The Law Office of Anthony S. Muharib, a 16-year-old criminal defense firm that has successfully represented hundreds of cases. The brains behind Online Bail Bonds, in business since 2014, now with four Harris County locations. Owner of Astro Medical Services, a home health care business and Right Off St. Clair LLC, a still-young real estate investing company. With his siblings, Muharib is part-owner of Muharib Investment Group and Mo’ Hair, a successful packaged-hair boutique.

Clearly driven, Muharib “always knew I wanted to work for myself.” Instead of taking the Texas bar exam immediately after graduation, he spent time working for a mortgage company and a collection agency. Today, Muharib points out that both his real estate business and law firm benefit from those seeming detours: It’s important to learn the ropes, but it’s essential to be able to collect your money. 

“We grew up around business, business, business,” Muharib, the oldest of three, says. The Muharib household in Cleveland was an incubator for self-sufficiency, with a pro-black activist bent. Muharib’s father encouraged entrepreneurship when his son just wanted an afterschool job like his friends. Dad worked a day job, but sold everything from pantyhose, to pots and pans, to Amway. Mom was a schoolteacher. “The bar was set very high by my parents. All of us are doing exactly what we were taught to do,” Muharib, 52, says.

Muharib is a well-respected Houston jurist who’s up around 6 a.m., in court by 9 and who receives approximately 100 text messages every day. He defends against all felony and misdemeanor charges, delighting in fighting for the underdog. “Being in the courtroom and speaking for someone who couldn’t articulate their position on their own” is what initially appealed to him about the law. Muharib is one of a very few attorneys licensed to operate a bail bond business. This relatively difficult maneuver – which took 10 years to pull off - is yet another testament to Muharib’s tenacity and wit. 

“I’m street-smart and formally educated. As an African-American business owner, I try to employ as many people of color as I can,” he says. 

A California expansion is in the works. Right Off St. Clair, named for the old neighborhood, purchases and develops properties. The 24/7 nature of  technology and the never-ending need to defend one’s freedom means a leap to the nation’s most populous state for Online Bail Bonds is yet another good gamble for an intuitive lad who always bet on himself.

Muharib is grooming his two toddler sons for success with lots of love and attention. He is married and likes to play basketball, lift weights and practice mixed martial arts for fun.

 Wisam Ali Muharib

J.D., Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law; B.A., Africana Studies, Bowdoin College. Owner of All Access Bail Bonds, a six-year-old privately-held company with three Houston metropolitan area locations. 

Muharib is a futurist. His guiding principle is ‘Where do you want to arrive at?’ Along with his close-knit team of employees, he’ll find or create a way to take you there swiftly. 

“I’m a tech guy: fast and quick. I love the progression of growth in communications,” he says. “The future is a fictitious place. But I live there. I constantly think about what’s to come.”

Although Muharib opted out of a career in law, he works happily as in-house counsel on business contracts and patent law cases. He is also a licensed real estate broker. The free-spirit realized that life as a practicing attorney just wasn’t his passion. “I found that to be a very narrow path.”

Instead, he enjoys being coach and cheerleader to those who work beside and around him. All Access Bail Bonds services some 1,700 clients per year. It issues bonds totaling $3.4 million annually.

“This business is fast-paced and exciting. It demands putting your best foot forward,” Muharib says. “It’s rewarding, and an opportunity to constantly grow and keep pace with the industry.”

Previously, Muharib worked as a real estate consultant, an Internet billing whiz, in his family’s ambulance service and apprentice to a bail bondsman. “Being the radical person I am, when you have autonomy, you can be faster and more nimble,” he says. 

Expansion into the Los Angeles area is at the top of Muharib’s To-Do list these days. However, he’s also negotiating the purchase of a nursery while plotting network ownership. A network will allow Muharib to marry his passions for video, technology, gardening and architecture.

“I constantly think about what’s to come,” Muharib, 40, says. “I work to bring it into reality. My imagination drives me. I want to live in and create a progressive, positive future. That’s the place I choose to live.”